JR Compton



September, 2005, 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX


Dallas Arts Revue, September 2005

“Always nice to find an artist who blows us away, tornadoing expectations.  We’d always rather find Dallas, or at least Texas artists at experimental local venues like the X, especially since they’ve been AWOL this summer, but …Lance Dehnés

whimsical, inventive, stylish work is amazing in color

and grayscale, too, if overpriced for the venue,

though not for the work.  Upstairs is still way too hot,

but Lance’s work makes it cool.” -JRC


Lance Dehné’s Delivery
—Aaron Zimmerman,
NY Arts Magazine, Summer 2003

I don't need much from an image: bold color, a unique sense of form and light, and something that revives my purpose to make paintings. Lately I've craved it more and more. Maybe it's the war. Maybe it's the spring that is still winter here in New York. Whatever the case my needs were met and exceeded in Lance Dehné's show at 473 Broadway Gallery.    >>more


Franklin Sirmans, 1999, New York City

Lance Dehné's work rests comfortably in the duality of drawing's traditional fuction. On one hand, he is concerned with drawing as an apparatus of scientific objectivity; on the other hand, Dehné has also exhaustively studied engineering.   >>more

Ivan Karp

OK Harris Gallery

NYC- 2003

in reference to the "Eng" series hastily laid out on the gallery floor:

"......these are 100%, first class..........100%, first class................."

Lance Dehné:  el albor abstracto

                                               The Abstract Dawn                         Raimundo Diaz



The creations of Lance Dehné are in the bifurcation of two ways, as if by force of will, the artist stopped in crossroads between the abstraction and the figurative thing. It is not indeed an adverse confluence. Those affluents give to the river the might of their waters. The expressive strength of its art is in the permanent transition, in the mixture, that keeps a close relationship with its successful creative trajectory. Dehné offers to us more than an impulsive explosion of colors.  >>more